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Residence les Alizés invites you
discovering Balagne

Ile Rousse, Upper Corsica

Balagne is divided between sea and mountains. The towns of Galéria, Calvi and Ile-Rousse seaside contrast perched high villages where artisans make live art and culture through a knowledge passed down through the generations.

Known as the "Garden of Corsica" the area is rich in wine-growing land that will make you discover the flavors of a strong identity already known in antiquity. The cultivation of olive trees for oil began with the Greeks from the sixth century BC and continues with quality oils subtle and refined taste.

Other local products such as honey, cheese and salami promise you great gastronomic discoveries goshawks unique flavors made by the maquis.

Starting north, do not miss Saint Florent and desert of Agriates. Taking direction from the center of the island, the ancient capital of Corsica Corte reveal his fortress and museum permanent exhibits on local history and temporary on current topics. Descending to the south facade West, stop at Galeria and Porto are the gates of the Natural Reserve Maritime Scandola and creeks of Piana, one of the sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Several operators offer to take you by the sea at the foot of cliffs, sometimes beautiful occasion encounters with marine life

Why not try to find the nests perched high local lords: ospreys.

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